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For a limited time you can get the Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine and the Swing Tutor Practice Training Bat for just $202.90 ($189.95 + $12.95).

Home of the Louisville Slugger Portable Pitching Machine, baseball training, baseball instruction, and more! Louisville Slugger "Blue Flame"  Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45) is a revolutionary new pitching machine breaking the bonds of traditional baseball equipment and softball equipment. The Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine "Blue Flame" UPM45 is currently being utilized in over 500 different leagues throughout the U.S.The "Blue Flame" Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45) is effectively eliminating the standard "Coach Pitch" leagues within both Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball.  The Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45) is a piece of baseball equipment that pitches reliably and consistently for batter after batter.

As Co-developers of the Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45) we believe are in best position to provide advice and/or assistance concerning its operation, the ability to fit into your baseball or softball league or answer any additional questions. Over 5,000 hours were put into the research and development of the pitching machine. Currently, we utilize the Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine "Blue Flame" in excess of 40 hours weekly in baseball and softball clinics.   We have mastered the safest and most efficient manner in which to operate this pitching machine resulting in the greatest return from its operation.

Most people utilize this product improperly resulting is accuracy problems and causing maintenance problems.  The Step-by-Step Operational DVD is imperative.  If the pitching machine is operated as most people attempt, you can inadvertently strike the batter thus defeating the primary purpose for its use with young, inexperienced players.  Operating the Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine "Blue Flame" (UPM45) is very simple once the correct procedure is learned.

We have assisted the installation of the Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine "Blue Flame" (UPM45) for over 175 Organizations such as Little League, Dixie Baseball & Softball, Dizzy Dean, PONY Baseball and various Parks & Recreation Departments applying this machine within their youth and little league baseball and fast pitch leagues. See first hand how this pitching machine operates and is utilized within a game environment by requesting your free DVD.


We provide real value to our customers not only a competitive price but a package deal which goes much further than the basic Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45).  Our basic package includes a Comprehensive Step by Step Operational DVD, and extra power spring and Instructional Hitting DVD which contains 45 minutes of hitting instruction.  DVD starts with former NY Mets Hitting Coach explaining the importance of the lower body then preforms a swing analysis of several major league players.  SVD goes into great detail in analyzing in slow motion analysis the swings of both Manny Ramirez and Albert Pujols.  Instructor breaks by drawing line of bat path to the pitch.  This is an invaluable guide to learning how to hit.  This DVD is given to all our clients receiving Hitting Instruction.  This DVD alone is valued at $45.00 and the amount of instruction provided is invaluable.  We are the only outlet which supplies and Step by Step Operational DVD to further enhance your overall softball / baseball instruction and ensure safety during operation.  Other web sites the retail power spring for $18.00.  Again, we try to provide extreme value to your purchase.

The Step by Step Operational DVD is very important in order to operate the Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM45) in the proper manner. We carry replacement parts.


Swing Tutor   $19.95

With the Purchase the Louisvlle Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine "Blue Flame" (UPM45) receive a Swing Tutor for only $12.95 (25% savings!)  Start making significant changes in your baseball swing form today.   You also save the $5 on shipping costs related with the Swing Tutor making the total savings over 40%!

Parents & Coaches - Tired of seeing your baseball players and softball players striking out, not hitting line drives or consistently making solid CONTACT? Are your players playing to the best of their ability and having FUN?  Use one of the best tools for baseball and softball enthusiasts of all skill levels from major league baseball, to college baseball and softball, to youth and little league baseball and softball.

The Swing Tutor is a Practice Training Bat, has proven to be a highly effective training device designed to develop/enhance sound baseball and softball swing mechanics.  This is achieved by cultivating and solidifying muscle memory. Making changes in muscle memory requires behavior modification.  The Swing Tutor provides baseball and softball players more opportunities to develop their swing than just a team practice. With Swing Tutor the player can practice on the field, at home, dorm room or any place inside or out providing enough space to complete their swing.  By providing a comprehensive Step By Step Instructional Video and detailed written & pictured instruction packet, we ensure each client will totally understand how to properly perform each drill thereby significantly enhancing their swing mechanics.  Remember precision practice equals great results.

Yes, you can become a DYNAMIC HITTER in just 30 days!
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